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TS-770 Central Unit of TS-770 Series Conference System

Thông tin chung

Maximum 70 Chairman and Delegate Units (up to 35 units per line) are connectable to one Central Unit.
Expandable to maximum 210 units by connecting 2 additional Central Units.
Equipped with All-Mic-On function that simultaneously turns on all microphones for sound collecting and recording of all units.
2 Pin jacks and phone-jack for recording
Remote conferencing is possible, enabling people at a remote location to participate in the conference.
With TS-775 Interface Unit,the systems using telephone, IP telephone, and mobile phone are available.
Without TS-775, the systems using IP telephone, Telephone coupler, mobile phone and TOA's NX-100/100S Network Audio Adapter are available.
The Test function feature enables easy checking of the connection status of all connected units.
Number of simultaneously usable delegate units can be selected (0, 1, 3, 6 selectable)
"0" means speech is possible by the Chairman unit only.
Automatic Mic-Off function(TIME OUT)

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Tel: +84 6296 1226
Fax: +84 3785 7212
Mr:Tho: 0983 283 696
Thông tin chi tiết

Power Req. AC Mains, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption Max. 60W
Rated Output 35V DC, 650mA x 2
Input MIC: -60dB*, unbalanced, phone jack
AUX: -20dB*, 10k ohms, unbalanced, phone jack
Output Recording: –20dB*, 10k ohms, unbalanced, phone jack, pin jack x 2
Equalizer Insertion Input Terminal Input: -20dB*, 10k ohms, pin jack
Output: -20dB*, 10k ohms, pin jack
Expansion Input/Output Terminal Input: -20dB*, 10k ohms, pin jack x 2
Output: -20dB*, 10k ohms, pin jack x 2
Control: 10k ohms or more, voltage output, pin jack x 2
Control Priority Speech chime: Operation of TS-771's priority button activates a single-tone chime.
Speaker restriction: Number of simultaneously-usable TS-772s and TS-775s can be set to 1,3 and 6.
Automatic Mic-off: Function OFF/20s/40s (selectable)
Number of Connectable Conference Units 70 (Max. 35 units per line),
Max. 210 (with 3 Central Units)
Operating Temperature 0ºC – +40ºC
Operating Humidity Under 90% RH (no condensation)
Dimensions 210(W) x 107.1(H) x 316(D) mm
(8.27" x 4.22" x 12.44")
Finish Panel: Aluminum, hairline, black
Case: Pre-coated steel plate, black, 30% gloss
Weight 4 kg (8.82 lb)
Accessory Power cord (2m (6.56 ft.)) x 1
Option Extensio cord: YR-770-2M, YR-770-10M

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